Warning! New Costco Store in Scarborough Might Just Overwhelm You

has exciting news for its customers; the giant is expanding its footprint with a new store in Scarborough. Officially approved in August 2022, this bustling new locale is set to be a hotspot for bargain hunters.

New Costco Store Highlights

The Scarborough Costco will feature an impressive 161,100-square-foot building, a functional gas station, and a whopping 800 parking spaces. The store's operating hours have been designed to suit a range of schedules; on weekdays, the doors will open at 10am and close at 8:30pm. On Saturdays, you can shop from 9:30am until 7pm, while on Sundays the hours are slightly shorter from 10am until 6pm.

Shoppers should note that the store will be closed on . However, it will resume operations on Black Friday, a prime day for those seeking unbeatable deals.

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The gas station at the Scarborough location is ahead of the curve – it's already open for business.

Membership and Non-Membership Access

Enthusiasm for the new opening is palpable. Thousands of eager customers have already signed up for memberships, which range from to annually.

Even without a membership, customers can still enjoy some of Costco's benefits. For instance, anyone can purchase prescriptions at the Costco pharmacy and non-members can access warehouse deals using a gifted Costco Shop Card.

Future Costco Openings

The Scarborough opening is just the start. Future plans include new locations in Southfield, Michigan and Shenzhen, China. Richard Galanti, Costco's CFO, has revealed ambitious plans for the company's growth, with over 25 new stores in the pipeline for the next five years and an additional 30 locations scheduled for the six to ten-year timeframe.

Opening Day Expectations

The opening day in Scarborough is expected to be a busy one. Anticipate heavy traffic and long lines as shoppers flock to the new store to take advantage of Costco's renowned bargains.

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