Is Bianca Censori a Prisoner in Her Own Marriage?

Recent reports suggest may be under the thumb of her husband, sparking concern among her close circle.

Concerns Arise During Solo Trip

It appears her friends' worries escalated after Bianca's solo voyage to Australia. Following her return, they orchestrated an intervention, expressing their apprehensions about her relationship. The friends went as far as to accuse , her husband, of attempting to mold Bianca into a mirror image of his ex-wife.

Bianca, Initially dismissive of Accusations

Initially, Bianca brushed off these accusations, seeing them as nothing more than a result of jealousy. It's worth noting that the couple has chosen to keep their marital life away from the public eye. Despite any friction behind closed doors, they are publicly known for being overwhelmingly affectionate and showing deep devotion to one another.

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Changes in Bianca’s Appearance and Behavior

The allegations of go beyond the duo's affection. Bianca's fashion choices have been under scrutiny after her to Kanye. The drastic changes she made to her appearance, like her pixie haircut and more revealing wardrobe, were widely criticized. Her public behavior has also been questioned, leading to a fair share of .

Working Relationship with Kanye

The couple's relationship is both personal and professional. Bianca started working for Kanye in 2020, and there have since been claims of a set of rules imposed by Kanye that Bianca must adhere to. These include silence when required, wearing what Kanye prescribes, and following specific dietary and workout routines – norms that Kanye himself is reported to disregard.

The ‘Royal’ Delusion

What's more, it's alleged that Kanye has convinced Bianca that they are a royal couple of sorts. This delusion extends to Kanye reportedly having a secret design team in Italy. Their task? Crafting revealing outfits for Bianca, adding to the narrative of a controlled spouse.

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Change in Perspective

With these recent developments, sources have revealed that Bianca is growing more open to seeing things from an outside perspective. This shift could potentially indicate a new chapter for the couple and – for Bianca – a chance to reassess her current circumstances.

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