Did Emily Ratajkowski Dare to Go Under the Knife?

, experienced model at the age of 32, received from followers suspecting her to have undergone aesthetic treatments. A recent picture of the model caused this supposition, found circulating in a Reddit chat room.

Photo Sparks Speculation

The image that sparked the conjecture showed Ratajkowski en route to a party during New York Week. She can be seen sporting a vibrant red dress complemented by black stilettos. Users in the Reddit chat room were quick to focus their attention on her appearance, with many directing allegations of her using facial fillers.

No Confirmation of Cosmetic Work

Ratajkowski has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations about recent cosmetic procedures. Nevertheless, one noticeable she has indeed revealed involves her hairstyle rather than her facial features.

New Look Unveiled on Instagram

The model took to Instagram to debut her new hairdo, where she posted selfies wearing a black bra in her New York City penthouse. She reassured her followers that the change wasn't brought about by a personal crisis, but merely a desire for a new haircut.

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Glimpse at the Haircut

In addition to the initial reveal, she also posted a daring picture on her Instagram stories, giving followers a sneak peek of her new . The following story displayed her striking a pose in the back of a taxi, with her hair noticeably shorter than it was previously.

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