The Shocking Passing of Buddy Duress at 38: What Really Happened?

Actor Buddy Duress, known for his prominent roles in the , tragically passed away at the young of 38. His career, whilst promising, was marred by recurrent legal issues that significantly impacted his opportunities in .

One such opportunity that Duress unfortunately missed out on was the chance to audition for the Untitled Judd Apatow – Pete Davidson Comedy. It was a highly anticipated film set to be a big break for many actors. Comedian Pete Davidson himself had shown interest in Duress for the film. Regrettably, Duress was serving a jail sentence at the time, making it impossible for him to participate in the audition.

His stint at Rikers jail was a direct consequence of his arrest on charges of grand larceny in the third degree. Duress openly expressed his remorse for missing out on the Apatow movie opportunity, revealing his ambition to give up drugs and focus on his acting career.

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In spite of these setbacks, Duress made a name for himself in the . His filmography is proof of his talent and dedication, featuring a multitude of films and series. Notable films include Heaven Knows What (2014), Good Time (2017), Person to Person (2017), Beware of Dog (2020), The Mountain (2018), The Great Darkened Days (2018), PVT Chat (2020), Flinch (2021) and Funny Pages (2022).

Duress was also set to star in the upcoming movie Mass State Lottery and the short film Skull. His performances extended beyond cinema to include appearances in 86'd (2018), Victor in Paradise (2020), Alone (2021), Rachel Dratch's Late Night Snack (2016) and the mini-series, The New Rich Grudge (2022).

The news of Duress's untimely departure was confirmed by his brother Christopher and close friend and colleague Jay Karales on February 26, 2024. The news was met with an outflow of condolences and tributes from around the entertainment industry, notably from Karales. He remembered Duress as an entertaining person with unique narratives and hailed him as “what the future of acting needs to be”. Karales also expressed how privileged he felt to have collaborated with Duress in Mass State Lottery.

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