Unbelievable! Emily Ratajkowski’s Bold Outfit for Christmas Tree Shopping

Emily Ratajkowski, the 32-year-old , braved New York City's rainy weather for a festive task – picking a tree. Known for her disdain for the cold, Emily's choice of attire was characteristically bold, comprising a red knit halter top, a pair of Just Cavalli snakeskin pants, accessorized with a short black waist jacket.

Unfazed by the inclement weather, she was trailed by an unidentified person suitably dressed for the rain, who handled the task of pulling their newly selected Christmas tree along the slick city streets.

Emily's winter-weather defiance is well-known. She can often be spotted around the city showing off her fit physique in midriff-baring outfits, undeterred by chilly temperatures. One such occasion saw her donning tan khaki pants with a midriff-baring blue shirt, the ensemble completed with a fur overcoat.

High-End Accessories

The model has a penchant for high-end accessories. On this particular outing, she added a pair of coffee black Walker sunglasses, priced at a steep , to her ensemble.

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Recent Activities

Her style isn't limited to streetwear. On her , Emily recently shared a picture of herself in a casual yet chic outfit. Her attire consisted of a loose leather jacket, a brown button-up top left open to display a matching bra, black baggy pants, a statement belt, pumps, and a gold necklace while posing on a large construction vehicle.

In addition to her fashionable exploits, Emily also enjoys New York City's vibrant nightlife. Recently, she attended a New York Knicks game with her friend Irina. Post-game, the pair were seen posing on a large construction vehicle, making kissy faces at the camera, a moment they chose to share with their followers on Instagram.

Moreover, Emily isn't shy about sharing more intimate aspects of her life. She recently sent social media into a frenzy by posting a nude selfie from within her apartment, a move that mystified some of her followers due to her unexplained choice (or absence) of wardrobe.

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