Is Benny Blanco the Perfect Guy for Selena Gomez? Here’s Why Fans Think So

Recognized pop star and her boyfriend Benny Blanco made a recently, marking a delightful sight for fans. The couple's relaxed and comfortable attire caught everyone's attention.

With a casual yet chic look, Selena chose a cream-colored sweater paired with gray sweatpants. Adding finesse to her , she carried a black handbag, wore matching slippers, and styled her hair into a messy bun. Benny, on the other hand, was seen camouflaged in a cream sweatshirt with its hood pulled up and a pair of black and red sweatpants.

Notably, Benny has recently launched his new cookbook titled ‘Open Wide'. The couple celebrated this achievement with a dinner outing.

Switching from casual to an elegant , Selena was spotted in a black and white polka dot dress for the celebration. She added a touch of sparkle with gold earrings and a slicked-back bun. On an affectionate note, Benny was seen expressing his adoration for Selena through a video on his phone.

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Fans have been quick to comment on the couple's . Benny's treatment of Selena has earned him much appreciation from the public. They regard him as a good influence on Selena and have begun referring to him as “husband material”. There's a unanimous agreement among fans that they exhibit “cutest couple vibes”.

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