You Won’t Believe How Khloe Kardashian Parents Her Child

In a recent Hulu episode, gave viewers a glimpse into her daily schedule. Despite some , she continues to navigate her with her child in her unique style.

Khloe’s Morning Routine

Khloe Kardashian revealed in the episode that she likes to prepare her daughter's meal for school the night before. She also partakes in school theme weeks, an activity that adds variety to her parental involvement.

Critics Express Doubts

Despite her attempts to present herself as an active mother, some accuse Khloe of exaggerating her involvement. They believe that she relies heavily on the assistance of nannies and chefs in performing her parental tasks.

Long Nails Controversy

Another point of contention among viewers is Khloe's long nails. Some argue that it would be impossible for her to change diapers effectively with such long nails, casting further doubt on her hands-on parenting claims.

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Ice Cream in the Fridge

During the episode, Khloe's refrigerator came into focus, stocked with an array of mini cups and pints of ice cream. Some viewers speculated that this could be a marketing ploy, designed to subtly advertise certain brands.

Are the Ice Cream Cartons Empty?

Adding to the skepticism around her lifestyle, some viewers proposed that the ice cream cartons may be empty, suggesting that they are just placed in the freezer for ornamental purposes.

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