Shocking Split! Kanye West’s Lashes Out, Puts Kardashian Kids at Risk!

Renowned celebrity is reportedly troubled and concerned about the welfare of her children following the recent online tirade by her former spouse, West. Kanye, in his tirade, draws attention to his perceived ejection by ‘the system' from his children's lives.

Kanye's rant also includes criticism of the process of recruiting athletes who are fatherless and claims such individuals are more susceptible to manipulation.

Kim Kardashian’s Reaction

Reportedly, Kim is disappointed with Kanye's public remarks and prefers to address any differences in a private setting. Kim, striving to ensure stability and a good education for their children, has chosen a school recognized for its excellent reputation for her children.

Kanye’s Proposed Solution

The rapper's proposed resolution was to transfer his children to his own Donda School. However, this suggestion has attracted criticism as the school is not accredited and has been the focus of legal action in the past.

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Kim’s Concerns

Kim is reportedly irritated with Kanye's public criticism of the school her children attend. She fears that his public attacks could compromise the safety of their children.

Resolving Matters Privately

Despite agreeing to resolve all issues privately as part of their agreement, Kanye has allegedly violated this agreement on multiple occasions.

Rules and Restrictions

Kim has established some specific rules for Kanye to follow in private, one of which includes a modest dress code for Bianca when she is in the presence of their children.

Kanye’s Latest Change

Kanye recently declared his intention to deactivate his old account, expressing his preference to be known by his new legal name, ‘Ye'. He has also expressed a desire to have his username changed to ‘Ye', arguing that referring to him as ‘Kanye West' is using his old name.

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