Why Bianca Censori’s Family Urges Caution On Baby Plans With Kanye

With the recent revelation of Bianca Censori's wish to have a child with her husband , it has sparked a wave of , including concerns from members.

Their concerns center around the kind of environment the child would be brought up in. The family's wish is for Bianca to raise her children in a setting that is stable and offers unconditional love.

Kanye West's life, however, is viewed as erratic, which adds to the family's worries. One significant cause of concern was a recent public outburst from Kanye where he criticized the system for separating him from his children.

His ex-wife, Kim, has reportedly taken issue with these comments. She prefers to discuss and resolve these matters in private, away from the public eye.

Public Attacks on children’s school

Adding to the turmoil, Kanye has publicly attacked the school his children attend. His dissatisfaction has led him to propose unaccredited alternatives, causing further consternation.

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Controversial music video and lyrics

Kanye recently sparked more controversy with an AI-generated video known for its violent imagery. and critics alike have described the video as “disturbing” and “demonic.”

  • There has also been significant backlash over Kanye's lyrics, labeled as “antisemitic” and “offensive” by some critics.
  • This public display of unacceptable views is deemed to potentially influence his millions of followers negatively.

Amid all these controversies, the desire of Bianca Censori to start a family with Kanye West continues to be a hot topic of discussion.

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