What’s Cooking in the Bieber Household? Is Their Marriage in Jeopardy?

Recent happenings in the Bieber household suggest an unexpected turn of events, as , the daughter of renowned film star Stephen, is reportedly displeased with her father's public commentary about her .

A video shared by her father on social media has brought this issue to light. The clip features Hailey's husband, Justin Bieber, singing a hymn. Following the video, Stephen requested prayers for the couple. He asked for their wisdom, protection, and their spiritual intimacy to be strengthened.

Speculations about a Possible Break-Up

The ambiguity of the video and Stephen's comments led to believe that the couple might be on the brink of a separation. This has triggered much about the state of their relationship. A recent social media post by Hailey further fueled these .

In the shared post, Hailey is seen eating alone in their palatial LA residence. The absence of her superstar husband in the photo has added fuel to the rumor mill.

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Unusual Silence from the Biebers

It's also noteworthy that the Biebers have maintained a low profile since the Super Bowl. The paparazzi, known for their relentless pursuit of the rich and famous, have surprisingly not spotted the couple in recent times. Furthermore, the couple's social media platforms have been unusually quiet.

Interestingly, Hailey was spotted at the Super Bowl without Justin by her side. Adding to the intrigue, no Valentine's Day memories were shared by the couple, an unexpected development given their usual habit of sharing such personal glimpses into their lives.

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