From Marijuana Sales to Luxurious Living: Young Man’s Incredible Transformation Journey!

Imagine transforming a used bus into a luxurious tiny home all by yourself. That's exactly what Kelly Wakasa, a young man, accomplished impressively. Let's dive into his interesting journey.

A Unique Canvas

The story begins with a 2008 GMC short bus. This bus wasn't an average one either. It was previously used to sell marijuana in Manhattan. Its past includes countless challenges, like a broken AC, defunct stereo, and faulty electricity.

Sharing The Transformation

Wakasa decided to narrate his conversion journey to his massive YouTube audience. With 1.5 million subscribers tuning in, he shared the process of turning a problematic vehicle into a dream home.

A Gruelling Process

The whole project was a time-consuming and demanding task. It required 30 days of concentrated work. Wakasa, along with his , did all the conversion work, transforming each corner of the bus.

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From Bus to Home

The outcome was worth the toil. The revamped bus can comfortably accommodate up to six people. It comes with areas designated for relaxation and study, truly emulating a traditional home.

Sprinkling Uniqueness

What sets this bus-turned-home apart are the distinctive features sprinkled throughout. It boasts turf flooring, a striking blue exterior, and even a basketball hoop installed at the back.

Success Despite Incompletion

After 30 gruelling days of hard work, the wasn't entirely complete. Yet, Wakasa took immense pride in the progress and the partial transformation.

Not Alone In The Trend

Interestingly, Wakasa isn't the only one venturing into tiny home conversions. Others have also repurposed old buses into cozy homes. For instance, Rita lives full-time in her converted 2001 Ford shuttle with her pet dog.

Exploring Other Tiny Home Options

For those not keen on the DIY route, there are other options. Another enthusiast chose a yurt for their snug and economical abode. Alternatively, you can find companies selling ready-to-go at 5,000.

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