Shania Twain’s Extreme Makeover – You Won’t Recognize Her!

is turning heads with her striking new platinum blonde hairdo, revealed just before her appearance on American Idol.

The Canadian singer showcased her fresh look in an story video, where she was also promoting the popular singing competition. In a sharp, form-fitting zip-up top and matching black trousers, she divulged that she'd be playing a mentoring role on the show.

Shania’s New Look

Many expressed their surprise at Shania's makeover, acknowledging they initially failed to recognize her. The fact that the artist had earlier displayed another hair didn't help either. In a previous photoshoot, she had worn long blonde locks, pairied with a stylish black blazer and sheer stockings.

Shania's hair experiments are not limited to blonde shades. She has also toyed with the idea of pink hair. Upon discovering grey strands, she entertained thoughts of adopting a full-blown pink tone when her hair turns entirely grey.

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Ahead of Las Vegas Residency

This drastic change coincides with her upcoming Las Vegas residency. Included in her calendar are 24 performances, scheduled to span from May to December 2024.

Just last week, she gave fans a sneak peek into her wardrobe for the performances. She uploaded a brief video on Instagram Stories, where she was seen donning multiple outfits. This was part of a campaign to promote a contest, offering fans an opportunity to watch her perform live in Las Vegas.

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