Discover the Antique that Shook a Scottsdale Homeowner!

A mysterious pottery duck purchased from an antique shop in Scottsdale, Arizona led Catherine, the buyer, into a series of peculiar happenings.

Upon bringing the duck home, Catherine found herself in a whirl of unaccountable events. Things started falling off the shelves. Mysterious sounds echoed around her abode. Spooked by the mystifying circumstances, she resolved to part with the duck.

Rick Harrison, the owner of the antique shop, took a keen interest in this unusual object. The duck's artistry and antiquity greatly impressed him.

Expert Appraisal

In order to ascertain the value of the duck, they sought the expertise of Bob Dodge from Artemis Testing Lab. Dodge's specialty in antique items led him to an astonishing discovery – the duck was more than just a decorative piece. It was an ancient artifact, over 2,000 years old, likely placed in a tomb as a burial item.

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Bob Dodge estimated the worth of this unique pottery duck. It could fetch up to ,000! Despite the high estimate, Rick could only afford to offer Catherine ,000. To Rick's relief, she accepted the proposition.

Previous Unexpected Valuations

This wasn't the first time the pawn shop had stumbled upon items of unexpected value. Other notable instances include a jacket infused with military history, which turned out to be worth ,000. A GI Joe figure from the 1980s, initially seeming unexceptional, was valued at a surprising ,000.

The spine-tingling pottery duck story serves as a reminder: Not all that appears ordinary is as it seems. Sometimes, the most unassuming objects can hold a world of secrets and an unexpected worth.

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