Attention Shoppers: New Online Scam to Watch Out For

Imagine the frustration of ordering furniture online, only to see the website disappear once your payment has been processed. This is the new that has been making rounds online.

Exposed by a user on the community r/Scams, this scheme involves a fraudulent website named A user reported an order of an chair from this website. After the initial tracking, the website simply vanished, leaving the user without their product and no way to contact the company.

Identifying Suspicious Websites, a platform that identifies potential scam websites, has marked as suspicious. This classification should serve as a warning for potential customers.

Protecting Your Finances

There's some relief for victims who have fallen prey to such online scams. Credit card companies occasionally reverse charges made for products purchased unknowingly from fraudulent websites. This offers some financial protection to consumers.

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Scams beyond Online Shopping

Online isn't the only avenue where is rampant. Selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace are also targeted by criminals. One unfortunate seller lost after a scammer manipulated ‘verification codes' to gain access to their PayPal account.

Text Scams: A Growing Threat

Another alarming scam trend hits customers. A text-based scam has conned victims, with losses up to ,000 each. These scams highlight the importance of being vigilant and taking necessary precautions while conducting transactions online.

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