Kim Kardashian Embroiled in Controversy Over Daughter’s Makeup Saga

High profile celebrity recently revealed a change of heart regarding her decision to allow her eldest daughter, North West, to start wearing at a tender .

North was notably spotted at a public event, donned in a black ensemble and contrasting red lipstick. This event appears to have been an exception as Kim has since confirmed that her younger daughter, Chicago, does not have permission to wear makeup.

Despite facing from various corners, Kim stood by her decision. She pointed out that the occasion for which North wore makeup was special. This comes in amidst widespread , with some unsatisfied voices labelling Kim's strategy to promote her new makeup line using North as ‘calculated' and ‘gross'.

North West: The Child Influencer

At just ten years old, North West is already a budding influencer on social platforms. She is actively involved in promoting her mother's new makeup line through online tutorials. This move has sparked controversy and increased chatter around the ethics of child influencers.

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Public Backlash

Kim's decision to put North on such a platform has garnered negative attention. Critics have voiced their disapproval, with descriptors such as ‘gross' and ‘calculated' being used to express their dissatisfaction. This negative sentiment has stoked the debate on children's involvement in promotional activities.

Kim’s Standpoint

Maintaining her stance, Kim defended her choice to let North wear makeup. She explained that it was for a special occasion and not an everyday affair. This has done little to subdue critics who continue to question the appropriateness of North's involvement in the makeup line's promotion.

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