Closing Down: Why Your Favorite Walgreens Store Might Be Next!

Walgreens, a longstanding fixture in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, is preparing to close its doors. This decision, driven by decreased foot traffic and disruptive construction, marks a significant change in the cityscape.

In 1929, the Walgreens pharmacy first opened its doors to the residents of downtown Des Moines. Since then, it has relocated several times, with its most recent location in operation since 1994. Over the years, it has carved a niche for itself as a trusted healthcare provider in the community, albeit not without challenges.

Challenges Faced by the Store

Like many businesses, Walgreens in downtown Des Moines has grappled with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reduced foot traffic has become a major challenge for the store. Additionally, recent area closures have compounded the situation, further reducing the number of potential customers.

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A Nationwide Trend

Walgreens' decision to close this location is not an isolated . In June 2023, the company disclosed plans to close approximately 450 locations across the country by August 2024. This move is mainly a response to the changing landscape of the pharmacy sector and changing consumer behavior.

Other Pharmacies Also Affected

The retail pharmacy sector, on the whole, is experiencing a downturn. Other major chains, including CVS and , have also reported closures. Notably, CVS has stated that several of their stores within locations will cease operations by the end of April, although the exact number of affected stores remains undisclosed.

Walgreens’ Decision Factors

In determining whether to close a location, Walgreens takes into consideration several factors. These include their existing store footprint, the dynamics of the local market, and changes in the buying habits of patients and customers. The decision to close the downtown Des Moines location reflects their assessment of these factors for this specific area.

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