Brace Yourself: Vegan Hot Dogs by Kraft-Heinz Are Coming!

Get ready for a new era in the hot dog industry. Kraft-, parent company of OSCAR Mayer, is launching vegan versions of their classic hot dogs and sausages, all set to debut in grocery stores later this year.

Kraft-Heinz and TheNotCompany Join Forces

Kraft-Heinz and TheNotCompany have teamed up to introduce new plant-based hot dogs and sausages, named “NotHotDogs” and “NotSausages”. This partnership follows a previous successful collaboration where they created two vegan versions of Kraft's renowned mac-and-cheese. They ingeniously used coconut, fava bean protein, and dried pineapple to mimic the cheesy flavor.

Tackling the Vegan Taste Challenge

The goal of these new products, according to Kraft-Heinz, is to replicate the flavor, color, and texture of traditional hot dogs, thereby addressing the perceived downsides of many vegan meat-alternatives. A 2023 survey revealed that taste is the primary reason many Americans discontinue the consumption of meat alternatives after initial trial.

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The CEO of Lucho Lopez-May claims that these new products are in response to the growing demand from consumers for more plant-based meat options.

The Promise of “NotSausages”

The vegan “NotSausages” will be available in two classic flavors: Bratwurst and Italian, broadening the plant-based menu options for consumers.

Consumer Response and Availability

Kraft-Heinz's announcement of the vegan hot dogs sparked mixed responses on , with some skepticism and from consumers.

Despite the skepticism, these new vegan options are scheduled to hit the grocery shelves later this year.

TheNotCompany’s Interesting Backing

It's worth noting that TheNotCompany, Kraft-Heinz's collaborator in this venture, has received funding from Jeff Bezos, further highlighting the growing interest in the plant-based food industry.

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