Former Playboy Model’s Daring New Venture: Ace Coffee Cafe!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of coffee, Kentucky-. Enter Ace Coffee Cafe, a cozy, inviting enterprise run by former Playboy , , also known as Mike Wolfe's girlfriend.

Not just your average coffee shop, Ace Coffee Cafe is a quaint establishment nestled in a two-story building that dates back to 1947, according to a photo from Barren County Court. Cline took over the commercial property in July 2021, shelling out around ,000 for her piece of coffee heaven.

A Glimpse Inside The Coffee Shop

True to its name, Ace Coffee Cafe exudes an invitingly cozy ambiance. Imagine yourself sinking into a comfy yellow chair, sipping coffee from a white mug adorned with multi-colored rainbows. As your eyes take in the welcoming environment, you'll notice the neatly lined bookshelves, the gleaming coffee machine, and the soft glow from the spotlights.

A Coffee Shop with a Message

One notable feature of the coffee shop is a message that proclaims: “The Best Way To Make Dreams Move Is To Wake Up”. This phrase, while being a clever nod to the purpose of coffee, also seems to capture the spirit and drive of the shop's hard-working owner.

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Opening Day

While Cline has provided her followers with a tantalizing sneak peek into the coffee shop, the official opening is set for the end of March. Besides serving delicious, aromatic coffee, patrons can also look forward to snacking on tasty bars and granola.

More than Just Coffee

Aside from running Ace Coffee Cafe, Cline is also the proud owner of a food and drink company named Suckerpunch. Moreover, she and Wolfe, who have been a couple since July 2021, are juggling their coffee shop duties with work on a new project for Harley Davidson. The pair also have a preteen daughter, Charlie, who is 11 years old.

Before his with Cline, Wolfe was known as something of a ladies' man. Now, however, it appears that he's happily settled into life as a supportive partner and proud coffee shop co-owner.

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