Attention Fans! Kailyn Lowry in a Scandalous Situation!

Kailyn Lowry, known for her role in , is in a situation that has caught the attention of fans. It seems there may be a bit of friction between her and Kayla Brooke, the previous wife of her current boyfriend, Elijah. The speculation started with a discussion on a thread that centred on a Facebook post by Kayla.

The post by Kayla on the site talked about Father's Day cards in a pack from . Some followers interpreted this as a slight directed at Kailyn.

A Brief History of Elijah and Kayla’s Relationship

It was news to some fans that Elijah, who is 25 years old, was previously married and has three children. He was formerly wedded to Kayla Scott, but their marriage ended in divorce on May 17, 2021.

According to the divorce papers, they cited that they had drifted apart and made the choice to go their separate ways. A notable factor in their separation was that neither party was eligible for spousal support, hence, no one was obligated to pay alimony.

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Elijah’s Financial Standing

Details of Elijah's finances were also revealed during the divorce process. His monthly income was documented as ,248.77, while his monthly expenses amounted to ,878.06. He carries considerable debt, with current liabilities listed as ,536.21. These debts include expenses like car payments and credit card bills.

The divorce was officially finalized on June 3, 2021. Both Elijah and Kayla came out of the divorce with their personal belongings intact.

The Current Scenario

In December 2021, Elijah made a significant purchase, buying a house in Delaware for ,000. The property is located near Kailyn's substantial , which is valued close to million.

Elijah made the move to list his house for rent and relocated to Kailyn's residence. This happened after Kailyn moved into her new mansion in January 2022.

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