Watch Out: Costco’s New Sugared Orange Rolls Become the Talk of the Town

is stirring up excitement among its shoppers with the introduction of sugared orange morning rolls in its bakery section.

These pastries, a delightful blend of orange zest, cinnamon, and granulated sugar, are now available in packs of nine, priced at .99. Reports indicate that these rolls have already graced the bakery sections of numerous Costco outlets across the United States.

Rivaling Starbucks Morning Buns

Costco's morning rolls have drawn comparisons from customers to the morning buns sold at . The loyal of these orangey delights have shared that the taste significantly enhances when these rolls are warmed up in the microwave or an oven.

Recent additions and upcoming changes

Costco's bakery seems to be on a roll with its new introductions. The sugared orange morning rolls are not the only new additions causing a stir. The return of the lemon blueberry loaf and the debut of a new peanut butter chocolate pie are also making waves among its customer base.

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As the customers enjoy these new bakery delights, non-members need to be prepared for a significant food court change starting from April 8th. There seems to be some ambiguity regarding the future pricing of the popular hot dog and soda combo, which currently stands at .50.

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