Kanye West Declares Wife as “Best Undressed” – Fans in Uproar

Renowned rapper and fashion icon, West, recently made waves with some candid revelations in a podcast discussion about his role in his wife's daring fashion choices.

Kanye West’s Fashion Influence

In the podcast hosted by Jalal, West prided himself on his wife, Bianca being the “best undressed”. He even went as far as to declare her the most influential woman on the globe. Jalal, the host, concurred with West's immense sway in the music business, acknowledging his chart-topping albums and singles.

Public Backlash

The power couple, West and Bianca, have not been immune to . They've faced backlash from fans accusing them of indecent exposure. Some even voiced that Bianca's bold outfit selections warranted arrest.

Resurfacing Past Relationships

During the podcast, West's prior relationships were mentioned. Jalal highlighted Kim Kardashian's fashion sense during their , asserting that she was the best dressed and undressed at that time. West nodded in agreement with this sentiment.

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Unusual Guest Preferences

When asked by Jalal whom he would invite for a threesome, the rapper unhesitatingly named Michelle Obama, causing quite a stir.

Admission of Violence

At one point in the conversation, West seemed to confess that he had punched a man for assaulting his wife, Bianca.

Unexpected Ventures

West also revealed his intentions to step into the adult , introducing “Yeezy Porn”. He shared a video featuring a woman's voice prompting viewers to visit his website. However, the link directed fans to his fashion line instead. This upcoming project has already sparked concerns among critics who believe that it could negatively impact his .

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