“Valentine’s Day Craze: The Starbucks Cup You Must Own”

, in a celebrated collaboration with Stanley, has launched a “Winter Pink” cup for Valentine's Day.

The cup, with its striking shiny pink appearance and its top-tier, non-breakable feature, has quickly gained a cult-like following. As soon as the cup hit the shelves, eager customers lined up outside stores. Some devoted even camped out overnight, as evidenced by footage showing frantic shoppers securing the sought-after cup before supplies depleted.

Colorful Choices and Sizes

The Valentine's Day special comes in two appealing colors: red and pink. The prices range between and , largely depending on the size. Available sizes include 10 ounces, 16 ounces, 30 ounces, and the traditional 40 ounces size. A subtle heart detail is incorporated next to Stanley's “Y”, a nod to the holiday season.

Limited Availability and High Resale Prices

Starbucks has clearly stated that the cups won't be replenished once they sell out. This limited availability has catapulted the cup's resale prices up to a staggering . This has sparked a debate among customers. Some have been pleading with Starbucks to restock, suggesting that the company could easily sell a “million” units and even proposing to make the color a permanent fixture.

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Others, however, argue that the high resale prices are a foreseeable outcome and advise customers to either be willing to pay the premium or simply let it go. Fortunately for those on a tighter budget, there are cheaper replicas of the Stanley cup available.

One fortunate shopper was able to nab two Stanley cups from Target for a mere , proving that it's still possible to get your hands on these coveted items without breaking the .

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