Attention! What You Never Knew About The Golden Globes

The awards season is officially underway with the commencement of the Golden Globes. A thrilling event, it's the time of the year where stars hit the red carpet with their glamorous outfits and entertainment journalists get busy casting their votes.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the body in charge of these awards, faced a harsh in 2001 leading to its dissolution due to absence of diversity among voters. A new phase began for the Golden Globes when the show resumed last year, not without a few changes, one of them being a shift in schedule to Tuesday owing to a football event. Additionally, in a surprising turn of events, NBC declined to broadcast the event in 2022.

As for the voting body of these awards, it is formed by over 300 entertainment journalists.

A Glimpse of the Red Carpet

The red carpet was a sight for sore eyes as stars arrived dressed in the best of their wardrobes. Heidi Klum turned heads in a lavish red dress while Dua Lipa, nominated for Best Original Song, graced the event in a bedazzled black and gold dress. Julianne Moore was a vision in a red dress that featured a deep neckline.

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In a more whimsical twist, Dame Helen Mirren chose a purple dress that bore an uncanny resemblance to a fairy godmother's . stunned everyone in a short, sparkly red dress while Kristen Wiig opted for a black dress that was sheer and fitted at the hips. Lenny Kravitz, on the other hand, chose to attend the event in a black tuxedo styled without an undershirt.

The event was nothing less than a display of glitz and glamour, just like any other year. The Golden Globes, with their long history and tradition of honoring the best in film and television, continue to be one of the key highlights of the Hollywood awards season.

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