Shocking Prank by Ice-T’s Son at Vegas Party on Camera!

During a vibrant Las Vegas party, a controversial incident occurred involving Tracy Marrow Jr, son of the famous rapper Ice-T and popular Twitch streamer Malek.

As Malek was live-streaming the party for her Twitch followers, Tracy decided to pull a shocking prank. He moved behind Malek, pretending to sniff her hair before then proceeding to chop off several inches. The incident was seen by both the party-goers and the potentially hundreds or thousands of viewers online.

The Reaction to the Incident

Understandably, the audacious act sparked quite a stir. Online spectators and those present at the party were taken aback by Tracy's intrusive behavior. The backlash was swift, with viewers expressing their shock and disapproval on .

Tracy’s Response

Unfazed by the immediate reaction, Tracy played down the seriousness of the incident. He reacted to the with laughter, later posting on his social media, “I guess [I'm] a bad guy. Sorry Malek my intrusive thoughts won.” It was a response that did little to calm the anger of the fans.

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Malek’s Response

Malek, the victim of this unwelcome prank, also took to the internet to acknowledge the incident. She promised her followers that she would address the situation during her next Twitch stream, giving her side of the story and likely discussing the subsequent fallout.

Ice-T’s Family in the Spotlight

Interestingly, this incident comes at a time when Tracy's family is already making headlines. Ice-T, his father, is not only known for his rap career but also for his family life. He has a daughter, LeTesha, from a previous . Recent rumors suggest there could even be a reality show in the works, starring Ice-T's wife, Coco, and their daughter, Chanel.

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