Shocking! Gwen Stefani’s Appearance Sparks Outrage On The Voice

Renowned singer and television personality Gwen Stefani has been subjected to criticism by viewers regarding her recent appearance on ‘The Voice'.

Stefani, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, faced a wave of complaints after a video of her surfaced online. In this video, she is seen applying makeup that featured an intense combination of bright blue eyeliner and heavy black mascara. Interestingly, she remained silent throughout the video which was accompanied by a song as the background score.

Stefani's recent appearance has not only been the subject of criticism but there have been constant remarks regarding her hosting abilities on the popular television show. This has stirred up widespread speculation that she might be considering stepping down from her role.

The internationally acclaimed artist has been actively promoting her beauty brand, GXVE, online, amidst the criticism. Notably, on November 19, she highlighted her brand in a festive advertisement showcasing GXVE makeup products.

Public Reaction to Stefani’s Changing Appearance

An old photograph of Stefani, posted online in October, triggered an increase in discussions surrounding her appearance. Some loyal fans expressed their shock, claiming that their beloved icon was unrecognizable.

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Despite the critiques, there were many who appreciated her vintage 90s . She was hailed as the personification of cool during that era by a section of users.

Unconfirmed Plastic Surgery Rumors

Rumors about Stefani undergoing have been circulating for quite some time now. Despite the ongoing speculations, the singer has not come forward to address these rumors.

With the ongoing surrounding her appearance and hosting skills, the fans and viewers of ‘The Voice' await her response. Whether she will exit the show or continue to endure the criticism, only time will tell.

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