Discover the Shocking Story Behind Kanye West’s M Deflated Mansion

West's concrete residence, once a symbol of modernity, is now on the market with a hefty million markdown from its original purchase price. The once glamourous home now stands vacant, crying out for refurbishment.

House Largely Valued for its Concrete Work

Real estate broker Jason Oppenheim holds the belief that the decade-old house can be renovated to meet 2024 standards. The house's real worth, according to Oppenheim, lies in its concrete work attributed to the celebrated architect Tadao Ando.

A Controversial Lawsuit

The house has not been without its share of , as former project manager Tony Saxon lodged a lawsuit against . Saxon's allegations are twofold: decaying conditions within the house and exploitative treatment of staff.

Amid these allegations, Saxon asserts that he was instructed to take out all windows and electricity and usher large generators into the house. His refusal to execute these tasks, pointing out concerns, resulted in Kanye ordering him to leave and subsequently terminating his contract.

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The claims don't end there. Saxon asserts he was promised a weekly wage of ,000 but was left unpaid. In addition, his work conditions were reportedly severe, involving 16-hour workdays while accommodating himself on the floor.

Kanye West’s Response to Lawsuit

In response to Saxon's lawsuit, Kanye has refuted all allegations, maintaining that Saxon is not deserving of the relief he's seeking. The lawsuit encompasses a number of labor code violations, unpaid wages and purported unfair retaliatory termination.

A hearing for the case has been set for January 2024, promising to shed more light on the allegations and counterclaims.

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