Why Gwen Stefani’s Princess Dress Could Not Save Her on the Voice

recently captured fan attention with a striking pink dress on The Voice, drawing comparisons to a princess from her admirers.

Designed to create a stir, her dress was swathed in layers of tulle, spiced up with a touch of turquoise on the sleeve and side. Despite her visually beguiling , Stefani didn't clinch a win this season on The Voice. In fact, none of her proteges could even reach the finale.

Team Niall Takes the Crown

Ultimately, a contender from Team Niall proved triumphant in the live finale of the show. Stefani, notwithstanding her iconic status and unique wardrobe choices, didn't manage to take her team to the top.

Critical Fans Question Stefani’s Role

The music icon did not escape , with some viewers expressing dissatisfaction with her approach to feedback. She faced flak for offering repetitive comments to contestants and for skirting around direct criticism. This stirred debate among , with some wondering why Stefani continues to get invited back as a judge on the popular singing show.

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Call for Kelly Clarkson’s Return

Alongside this, a faction of viewers openly expressed their desire for the return of previous judge . In the eyes of these fans, Clarkson's approach to judging was evidently missed this season.

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