Discover Walmart’s Surprise Move with a Revolutionary Payment Plan!

is breaking new ground with a home-based pay-later service. This exciting development, launched in partnership with Affirm, allows customers to defer payment for their purchases.

A Nationwide Service Launch

As announced on Tuesday, the service is now operational in 4,500 stores across the country. Customers are allowed to make purchases ranging from to ,000. Eligibility for the service applies to electronics, apparel, and toys. However, groceries are not covered by this offer.

Flexible Payment Terms

Under this new plan, customers have the flexibility to split their payments over a period of three to 24 months. This policy effectively replaces Walmart's previous “layaway” service that was discontinued during the pandemic.

Meeting Customer Demand

This strategy comes as a direct response to a growing customer demand for pay-later options. According to research, a significant 54% of Americans are in favour of such solutions. The absence of this service might even deter potential customers, with Pat Suh, Affirm's SVP of Revenue, stating that 76% would either delay or totally abandon their purchases without this option.

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Boosting Purchasing Power

The primary goal of this service is to boost customers' purchasing power. This is expected to be particularly beneficial during the holiday season. This innovative payment method has already been hailed as “the payment network that empowers consumers and helps merchants drive growth.”

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