Job Boom: Top 5 Surprising Professions Seeing Sky-High Wage Gains

There's a surge in demand for certain job profiles when it comes to both wages and job opportunities. Let's dig into the top five roles that have seen a significant rise in wages according to Payscale.

Assistant Manager of Customer Service

Stealing the first place is the Assistant Manager of role. The median salary for this position is ,200, marking a 24% increase compared to last year.


Following closely, hairstylists have seen a pay rise of 22% which positions them at the second spot. They now earn an average of ,000 per year.

Master Plumbers

Master plumbers, a profession as old as time, have not been left behind. Currently, there is a high demand for their skills with the median salary standing at ,700, a 21% increase from the previous year.

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Auto Body Repairers

Securing a spot in the list are Auto Body Repairers. Their median salary is now ,000, which is a 21% rise from 2022.

Job Coaches

Earning an average of ,600, job coaches are also experiencing a rise in their income. Nonetheless, as freelancers, they may not enjoy benefits like healthcare and 401K contributions.

Suggestions for Extra Income

Apart from these in-demand jobs, there are opportunities for additional income. Side hustles can provide up to ,000 a month and consulting a financial expert can help individuals avoid overspending.

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