Kim Kardashian Unseen: the Shocking ,000 Coffee Trip

In a recent sighting, Kim Kardashian was seen in Calabasas with a friend and later spotted leaving a Starbucks in Los Angeles. Always one for luxury, she was behind the wheel of a ,000 custom Mercedes-Maybach.

Her Outfit of the Day

The TV personality was dressed in tight black leather pants and a minimal white cropped T-shirt, signifying her chic style. Adding to her elegant look, her hair was beautifully tied back in a low bun, and she carried a black designer purse, which complemented her overall attire.

Recent Posts

Kim has been quite active on her recently, sharing a mirror selfie in which she was dressed in black underwear. Moreover, her sister Khloe has also been posting similar , which led their to speculate a sibling rivalry.

Concerns Regarding Health

However, not all is well in paradise. There have been growing concerns from Kardashian's friends and family about her and her sister Khloe's significant in the past year.

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Insider Information

Adding to these concerns, a close source commented that Kim is the thinnest she's ever been and is barely getting any sleep. This drastic change in her lifestyle is said to be due to the stress from her recent split with West and her determination to show that she is doing well in her personal life without him.

Future Plans

In fact, she is reportedly planning to lose two more pounds, which would bring her under her target weight. The fact remains that her well-being is a matter of concern, and it is hoped that she is taking care of her health amidst all this.

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