Click If You Dare: How a Single Scream Turned into a Million Dollar Celebration

Imagine screaming with joy upon discovering that you've won a million dollars. That's exactly what happened to a gentleman named Meharena, who started 2023 by the million in the Virginia's New Year's Raffle.

Meharena’s Incredible Jackpot Win

Alone in his truck when he realized his windfall, Meharena couldn't contain his excitement and let out a joyous scream. Originally from Arlington, Virginia, he won with ticket #485284, purchased from a Harris Teeter store in his hometown.

A Long Journey to Claim the Prize

Living in Texas at the time, Meharena embarked on a 1,000-mile drive back to Virginia to his prize. Upon reaching his destination, however, he fell ill and had to wait for a few days before he could finally claim his winnings. On January 25, he made his way to the office in Woodbridge, Virginia, to collect his prize money.

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Runners-Up in the Millionaire Raffle

The New Year's Millionaire Raffle wasn't just fortunate for Meharena. It also made four other participants millionaires and gifted seven others with ,000 in winnings.

An Unclaimed Lottery Prize

Interestingly, not all lottery prizes find their rightful owners. Currently, a million prize remains unclaimed from a ticket bought in Kansas in September. The winning numbers were 1 – 7 – 46 – 47 – 63 and Powerball 7, drawn on September 27, 2023. The ticket was sold in South Central Kansas, spanning 15 different counties.

Those residing in these counties have been urged to check their tickets, as they expire a year after the drawing. As for Meharena, he has yet to reveal how he intends to utilize his newfound fortunes.

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