The Secret Behind Paris Jackson’s Tattoo-Free Look at Grammys

Paris Jackson turned heads at the Grammys not just for her stunning black Celine gown, but also for her noticeably tattoo-free skin.

Known for her extensive body art collection, Jackson appeared without a single visible tattoo. The radical shift in her appearance raised many eyebrows, leading many to believe she had all her tattoos removed. However, this was not the case.

Instead of getting rid of her ink, Jackson chose to disguise her tattoos. The reason? She didn't want them to take away from her statement. With 80 tattoos scattered across her body, covering them up was no easy task.

To achieve her tattoo-free illusion, Jackson turned to a reliable product. She opted for the CoverFX total cover cream foundation which is renowned for its high coverage ability.

Jackson didn't just keep this as a surprise for the red carpet though. She took her behind the scenes to reveal the meticulous process. A video was shared on her , documenting the painstaking procedure of camouflaging all her tattoos.

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The end result was an unblemished canvas, allowing her black Celine gown to take center stage. The drastic alteration of Jackson's appearance at the Grammys undoubtedly goes to show the transformative power of makeup.

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