Can You Handle This? IHOP’s Limited Edition Maple Syrup Pepsi

Get ready to taste a sweet twist on your regular soda! IHOP, the renowned restaurant chain, plans to serve a maple syrup-flavored .

The unique flavor isn't entirely new. It was offered previously in a contest and managed to gather a significant fan base. Now, IHOP has decided to reintroduce this popular flavor, giving patrons a chance to enjoy a standard soda or an ice cream float with a maple syrup twist.

Pepsi lovers and IHOP customers expressed their surprise on a Facebook thread after the news about the new flavor broke out. The offering doesn't come with a specific expiry date, allowing customers to enjoy the new flavor as long as supplies last.

When IHOP Met Applebee’s

Maple syrup-flavored Pepsi isn't the only coming from IHOP's kitchen. Dine Brands, IHOP's parent company, has been experimenting with a business that combines IHOP and Applebee's locations. Initial tests were conducted in Mexico and other countries, with promising results.

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The advantage of this model is the convenience it brings to customers. They can easily move from Applebee's to IHOP, offering them a wider range of food options. The combined locations have also proven to be more profitable, generating twice the revenue of single-brand locations.

Expansion and More Flavors

Dine Brands has set its sights on expanding this model. Over the next 12 to 24 months, several new combined locations are expected to emerge, with multiple locations planned to be operational by the end of 2025.

Additionally, IHOP continues to explore unique flavors beyond its restaurant offerings. The company recently teamed up with Lays to bring a signature flavor to grocery stores. of thin mint pancakes can now enjoy the flavor at home as IHOP has recently released this variant in the market.

Sweet or savory, IHOP continues to diversify its menu, bringing exciting flavors and unique experiences to its customers.

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