Is Hailey Bieber Embellishing the Truth about Justin?

Accusations are swirling around Hailey Bieber, who's believed to have embellished her Easter photographs with a faux detail concerning her spouse, Justin Bieber.

Placing Justin Bieber's name on one of the decorated Easter eggs she had was part of Hailey's festive day. She spent the day celebrating Easter in the company of the Kardashians and recording artist Justine Skye, according to reports.

Speculations Around Hailey’s Actions

have been quick to interpret her actions, with some suggesting that Hailey might be trying to manage the damage from rumours pointing to potential marital issues. Some even think she is attempting to induce a sense of guilt in Justin.

Hailey’s Business Endeavors Amidst the Rumours

Amid the current storm of speculation, Hailey took the chance to advertise her skincare brand named Rhode. She opted for a beach setting, donning a swimsuit and rabbit ears for the promotional photoshoot.

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The Rumours Surrounding the Marriage

Stories are circulating suggesting that Hailey is contemplating the idea of separate living quarters from Justin. An anonymous source, however, has stated that while she may need some time to think, she is not mulling over the possibility of a divorce.

Justin’s Social Media Behavior

Justin Bieber recently made a to and began following singer Sabrina Carpenter. An interesting note is that since his return, he has not shown any signs of engagement on any of Hailey's posts.

Relationship Timeline

The couple first crossed paths in 2009, and started dating in 2014. They separated but got back together in 2016. Following a second split, Justin moved on to date , but ended up rekindling his relationship with Hailey in 2018. The couple became engaged and tied the knot in the same year.

Hailey’s Social Media Name Change

As a sign of her marital status, Hailey switched her moniker from Hailey Rhode Baldwin to Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber in November 2018.

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Fans’ Observations

Observers have noted that despite his indifference to his wife's social media posts, Justin is active in the Instagram community, regularly following and commenting on other posts.

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