What Happened to Frankie Muniz after Malcolm in the Middle?

Frankie Muniz, predominantly known for his role in Malcolm in the Middle, candidly reveals the surprising impact his early fame had on his and dynamics. Amidst sharing vivid memories from the Fox comedy series, Muniz becomes increasingly emotional.

As Muniz navigates through his past, he acknowledges the substantial role his played in separating his entire family. As his success soared sky-high, his connection to his family nose-dived. Aged only 11 when he parted ways with them, the actor turned automobile racer has experienced a sense of estrangement that hasn't waned over time.

Muniz's professional journey wasn't free of personal distress. In fact, the pressure of anchoring a prime-time sitcom exacted a considerable toll on him. Eventually, the behavior of “certain people” on the show compelled Muniz to step away from the spotlight. He was particularly perturbed by the , rudeness, and disrespectful attitude he encountered, and the fear that gripped those who were too scared to stand up for themselves.

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Moving on from his career, Muniz transitioned to professional racing. He made quite an impression during his NASCAR Xfinity Series debut at Daytona International Speedway earlier this year. Today, he drives the No. 35 Ford Performance Ford Mustang for Joey Gase Racing. Although he dealt with several mechanical issues, Muniz remained undeterred, completing a full 20-race ARCA schedule last year and securing a fourth-place finish.

His highest achievement to date in this field was finishing fifth at Michigan. Undoubtedly, Muniz is eagerly anticipating the challenge of the second-tier Xfinity Series and is bent on demonstrating his racing prowess in this series.

Despite having a total worth of million, largely fed by the royalties from Malcolm in the Middle, Muniz confesses that the wealth hasn't been able to buy him happiness. He has been able to live comfortably off these royalties, but they have not reconciled him with his lost familial bonds or provided him the emotional contentment he yearns for.

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