How This Actor’s Pursuit of Passion Defies Monetary Norms

If happiness were measured by income, Max Gallo, a 28-year-old actor in New York wouldn't rank highly. Yet, his satisfaction with life sits at an all-time peak despite a modest salary.

In 2019, Gallo walked away from a steady job at an insurance company. His father's birthday gift, an class, prompted this dramatic shift. Five years of tireless work have now led to minor roles and TV show work.

2023 saw Gallo juggling multiple income sources. He amassed ,499 from dealership work, acting roles, unemployment benefits, and a grant from the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Upon leaving his insurance job, Gallo had around ,000 in savings. The pile has gradually shrunk, utilized to offset life's costs. As of January, he still retains about ,000.

Fast forward to 2024, the first quarter has brought Gallo approximately ,282. Acting work, the SAG grant and a tax refund have contributed to this sum. In January alone, he expended ,796 on necessities like rent, food and utilities, and transportation, along with other miscellaneous expenses.

Surviving the Pandemic

As the pandemic struck, Gallo was employed at an exotic car dealership, a job borne out of necessity. Living with his parents at the time, this work paid around an hour and offered flexible hours.

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Luxuries and Frugality

Gallo owns a Honda Civic and a BMW Roadster. The insurance for these vehicles is covered under his parents' plan, a cost Gallo makes sure to reimburse. His penchant for savings extends to as well. Thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace are his go-to sources for purchasing used items. Alcohol, a common expense for many, doesn't feature in his spending habits.

No Plan B

Despite the financial hurdles, Gallo remains adamant about succeeding as an actor. He affirms that there's no alternative plan, indicating his resolve to carve a path in the acting industry.

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