Win ,000 Just By Dining in Wheeling! Here’s How

Looking to add some excitement to your dining experience while supporting local restaurants? Here's an opportunity! Win ,000 by simply dining at your favorite eateries in downtown Wheeling.

Program Details

The ,000 Prize Contest

You're only six meals away from a chance at ,000! Yes, you heard right. All you need to do is earn six stamps from participating restaurants' cards to qualify. And with 13 participating restaurants, you have plenty of choices.

List of Participating Restaurants

The participating restaurants include:

  • Avenue Eats
  • DiCarlo's Pizza
  • Mugshots
  • River City
  • Tito's
  • The Belgian Waffle Shop
  • Vagabond Kitchen
  • Taqueria 304
  • The Bridge Tavern
  • Public Market
  • Table 304
  • Panda Chinese Kitchen

Once your card has a minimum of six stamps, submit it at any participating restaurant. The lucky winner will be announced on April 1.

The Streetscape Project

For those who aren't aware, the streetscape project was initiated with the aim of separating the city's sewer system from the storm sewer. Unsurprisingly, this project has resulted in numerous traffic delays and detour in the city. Regrettably, the construction is scheduled to continue until at least the summer of 2025.

In response to the ongoing construction, the owner of Vagabond Kitchen has sought to rally support by posting images of the construction and asking how the public can help. One of their suggestions was to encourage individuals to dine at the restaurant. Now, that suggestion comes with a chance at a ,000 windfall!

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