Discover the Shocking New Business Ventures of Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfriend

Aubrey Paige, girlfriend of , is set to make a significant business leap with the launch of three new business ventures: Sippin On Somethin', Let The Good Cards Flow, and Let The Good Times Flow.

Sippin On Somethin’

Set to be a distinctive brand for wine and distilled alcoholic beverages, Sippin On Somethin' is specifically targeting the market for distilled blue agave liquor, spirits, sparkling wines, and a variety of wines such as rose and white. Aubrey has been actively teasing this new venture to her since the end of November via TikTok.

Let The Good Cards Flow

This venture is directed at the gaming community. It will encompass categories such as card games, educational card games, role playing games, tabletop games, and trivia cards for games, making a solid statement in the gaming world.

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Let The Good Times Flow

Let The Good Times Flow is going digital with its offering. It will feature downloadable educational software that provides instruction in alcoholic beverages. This venture will also have a downloadable game software component, extending its reach to the online gaming community.

Aubrey and Ryan’s Relationship

Aubrey and Ryan have been a couple since 2021 and generally prefer to keep their away from the public eye. Their last public appearance together was for a date night at Sushi Park in Los Angeles on December 13. Aubrey recently shared some throwback pictures on social media, recalling their in Italy.

A noteworthy point from her recent social media activity is the post that triggered about her relationship status with Ryan, given his noticeable absence from her holiday celebrations. Details about the current status of their relationship and the official launch date for Aubrey's new businesses are yet to be made public.

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