How did Kourtney Kardashian’s Body Change Post-Pregnancy? Shocking Reveal!

Known for her glamorous lifestyle and impeccable fashion sense, Kourtney Kardashian recently gave her a glimpse into her life post-.

The reality TV star took to social media where she shared pictures of her sporting her post-baby figure. Dressed in an oversized fur-like coat paired with a black bodysuit and black tights, Kardashian made quite the fashion statement.

Not one to hold back on accessorizing, her ensemble was completed with glittering diamond jewelry. Her hair was styled in a sleek ponytail and she wore full makeup, staying true to her signature .

The caption of her post made a light-hearted reference to her clothes not fitting due to her post-pregnancy changes and breastfeeding. This candid confession was met with an outpouring of support and compliments from fans and her sister, .

The snapshots were taken during the Kardashian 's lavish Christmas Eve party. In the photos, Kourtney can be seen donning a figure-hugging bodysuit paired with a plush coat. It was quite the spectacle with the Kardashians taking a moment to lip-sync to Ariana Grande's hit song. Interestingly, Kim Kardashian, who hosted the party, was absent from the video.

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Kourtney and her husband, Travis Barker, welcomed the festive season with their family and their new baby, Rocky. She also took the opportunity to share images of the adorable presents for baby Rocky, which included a Santa hat personalized with his name.

In a delightful revelation, Travis Barker shared that their son's name, Rocky, was part-inspired by the iconic 1976 film of the same name.

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