Walmart’s Game Changing Move Forward: What’s Apple’s Role?

is taking a definitive stance regarding its customers' payment preferences, with CEO Doug McMillon expressing a preference for use of its proprietary app over Apple Pay. This is part of a broader move to improve the customer experience.

The Walmart App

Walmart's app does more than just handle payments. It also aids shoppers in locating items within the store, streamlining the shopping process. As part of the company's commitment to enhancing the customer journey, the app is becoming a central facet of its strategy.

Broader Financial Considerations

McMillon's mention of the app is not the only indicator of Walmart's focus on financial services. The giant is currently in a joint venture with Ribbit Capital, as they delve into the possibilities of financial services, payment solutions being a keen area of interest.

Discussions on Apple Pay

A significant piece of the payment puzzle includes the potential inclusion of Apple Pay. As it stands, discussions on the matter are ongoing. McMillon's comments suggest that, for now, the company is leaning towards its own solutions.

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Removal of Machines

As part of a series of changes designed to enhance the , Walmart is eliminating self-checkout machines from select stores in Missouri, Ohio, and New Mexico. The move is a result of evaluation of feedback from customers and associates, business needs, as well as shopping trends.

With this change, Walmart aims to ameliorate the in-store shopping experience and enable its associates to provide more personalised service. Initial responses from shoppers at the affected locations have largely been positive, signaling approval of the removal of self-checkout machines.

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