Smashing Pumpkins’ Shocking New Guitarist Revealed!

If you're a fan of Smashing Pumpkins, brace yourself for the exciting news. The legendary rock band has found a new guitarist after a nationwide search, and the choice couldn't be more thrilling.

Meet the New Talent

Stepping into the role is none other than the multi-talented musician, Kiki Wong. You might recognize her from her previous stint as the lead guitarist for Bret Michael's in a Nissan commercial. Wong's skill set and magnetic stage presence clearly caught the band's attention.

Celebrity Involvement in the Selection Process

An interesting tidbit about the selection process is the involvement of 's former drummer. Though details are slim, his role in the selection process adds another layer of intrigue to the band's newest addition.

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Band’s Response

The band's lead singer, Billy Corgan, took to to share the news of Wong's hire. Not only did he thank all those who submitted their work for consideration, but he also expressed admiration for Kiki and anticipation for their upcoming tour together.

Wong’s Reaction

For her part, Wong couldn't hide her excitement and gratitude. Through her online platforms, she expressed her eagerness to start performing with the band.

What’s Next for Smashing Pumpkins?

Having finalized their lineup, Smashing Pumpkins are set to hit the road for a global tour in June. U.S. need not feel left out–a stateside tour with Green Day will follow their international stint.

Corgan’s Other Interest

Interestingly, Corgan's other passion, professional wrestling, might take a backseat due to the band's touring commitments. Corgan once bought a struggling wrestling organization, which WWE had turned down. With the band's busy schedule, his wrestling ventures might have to wait.

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