Unleash the Foodie in You: Unconventional Cheese Flavors at Aldi

Get ready for a festive surprise! Aldi's 2023 advent calendar unveiled an assortment of mini European cheeses, one of which was a hit with customers.

This unusual flavor, the spiced apple cheddar, sparked interest among Aldi's customers. In fact, one inquisitive customer queried through X, previously known as Twitter, if Aldi sells the cheese in block form.

Regrettably, Aldi's response illuminated that this specific cheese isn't available in stores. However, they suggested the customer might be successful in acquiring more through their department.

Other Cheeses and Special Sales

Apart from the spiced apple cheddar, Aldi offers a range of other cheeses. Well-loved favorites include aged reserve white cheddar and Irish cheddar.

For the true cheese enthusiasts, mark your calendars! From December 13 to December 24, Aldi has a special . During this period, they offer up to 35% off on a medley of artisan cheeses. If you're not a member, fear not! You can still avail a respectable of 28%.

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Budget-Friendly Festive Meals

If you're hunting for affordable meal options this , you're in luck. For per person, Publix offers a satisfying meal. Alternatively, Whole Foods presents a dinner package for per head. Lastly, for a group of six people, Dollar Tree has a meal, making it an extremely budget-friendly option.

If you're more of a homestyle cook and prefer the satisfaction of cooking from scratch, there are options for you too. Look out for the best-priced Russet potatoes and stock up on your other favorite ingredients.

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