Uncover the Shocking Life of Famous Beauty Queen Turned TV Reporter, Robbin Bain

Robbin Bain, a renowned beauty queen and television reporter, passed away following her struggle with breast cancer. Her journey to fame began in 1959 as a beauty pageant champion, giving her a head start for what was to become a remarkable career.

At the early stages of her career, Bain became a household name as the face of the popular New England beer brand, Rheingold. As Miss Rheingold, she earned the substantial sum of ,000, which given today's value, would be equivalent to ,000.

Bain as Miss Rheingold

The beauty queen was not just admired for her good looks, she became an endearing figure across the US and Europe owing to her portrayal of an idealized housewife in Rheingold advertisements. Bain was insistent that her role was more than that of a pretty face, she was tasked with the crucial job of selling the beer product to consumers.

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Bain was born in Queens, New York in 1936. To avoid confusion with actress Barbara Bain, she decided to change her name at the onset of her career.

Transition to Television

Bain took her first steps into the world of television in 1956 on “The Jackie Gleason” show. This early stint paved the way for her joining NBC's Today show in 1961, where she discussed , makeup, and various women-focused themes.

Six months after joining the show, Bain took a break due to her pregnancy with daughter Dina Nemeth. However, she was soon back on the show as a co-host, breaking new ground as the only woman on set aside from the makeup artist.

Despite her vital role on the show, some of her fellow journalists, including Barbara Walters, described Bain's position as limiting for women. Bain saw things differently, viewing her hosting role as groundbreaking in a predominantly male environment.

Bain’s Survivors

Bain is survived by her daughter Dina Nemeth, her husband Alexander Guadieri, a stepson, and six grandchildren, all of whom continue to celebrate her illustrious career and contributions to the television industry.

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