The Scary Truth About Rising Star Normani Kordei Hamilton

Looking to delve into the life and of rising star Normani Kordei Hamilton? Well, you're in the right place. We've got all the details…

The Early Years

Born on May 31, 1996, Normani Kordei Hamilton showcases incredible talent as an American singer and dancer. Her claim to fame started as a member of the famed girl group, Fifth Harmony.

The Rise to Fame

Hamilton's journey to stardom began in 2012 when she auditioned for The X Factor. Her performance was so impressive that she became part of the girl group, Fifth Harmony. However, her fame didn't stop there. In 2018, she decided to take a step forward into the limelight and embarked on a solo career.

Solo Career and Success

Since venturing into a solo career, Hamilton has released several successful singles. Fans eagerly anticipate her debut solo album titled ‘Dopamine', which was announced in 2024.

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Chart-topping Songs

Throughout her career, Hamilton has given us some unforgettable hits. Some of her top songs include:

  • Love Lies
  • Motivation
  • Dancing with a Stranger
  • Waves
  • Slow Down
  • Checklist
  • Swing

Net Worth

As of 2024, Hamilton's is estimated to be a staggering million. Her successful career in significantly contributes to this impressive fortune.

Personal Life

When it comes to Hamilton's personal life, it's speculated that as of 2023, she's dating wide receiver DK Metcalf. She was also seen attending the of Metcalf's teammate, Tyler Lockett.

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