“Sheryl Crow’s Sons Steal the Spotlight in Matching Tuxedos”

Sheryl Crow, famous American musician, was spotted recently in public with her two sons, Wyatt (16) and Levi (13).

The 61-year-old singer graced the event in an asymmetrical black dress. She was accompanied by her sons who wore matching black tuxedos on the red carpet. Crow became a mother when she adopted Wyatt in 2007, followed by Levi three years later in 2010.

In past interviews, Crow has often expressed her admiration for her sons' musical talent. Notably, her older son Wyatt has shown a keen interest in marine biology, indicating a diverse range of interests.

It's not just public outings that have kept Sheryl Crow in the news. The singer was recently honoured with an induction into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The ceremony was a momentous occasion, with other inductees including famed musicians Kate Bush and Missy Elliot.

Bush and Elliot took to to express their gratitude for the honour. Missy Elliot, in particular, stated that the induction represented a significant moment for women in hip-hop.

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