Unclaimed Million-Dollar Tickets: Are These Your Numbers?

An exciting start to the New Year awaited two lucky residents of Minnesota as they walked away with million-dollar prizes in the Millionaire Raffle.

Kicking the year off on a high note, these tickets were snapped up from Coborn's and Kwik Trip grocery stores. An astounding accomplishment, this raffle created a record-breaking frenzy as it sold a staggering 800,000 tickets in a short span of 22 days, making it the most sought-after in the state's history.

Interestingly, two weeks have passed since the draw and these million-dollar tickets remain . Minnesota state law permits to make their claim up to a year following the draw. If these prizes remain unclaimed, this significant sum could end up bolstering the state's general fund, which in turn aids infrastructure projects, schools, and other state assignments.

These are not the only instances of unclaimed lottery winnings. A similar scenario rolled out at a Sunoco Express in Kissimmee in the middle of the year. The winner of a draw held on June 14 had until December 11 to claim their hefty prize, a date which has since passed without a claim.

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Shockingly, the store owner had no idea that his store had been the source of a ticket. The revelation set off a flurry of activity with customers scrambling to claim the prize. One desperate man even sought to have the cashier review surveillance footage in his quest for the . The gas station resorted to putting up posters reminding their patrons of the winning ticket sold there.

Regardless, with the stipulated claiming period expired and no claim made, a whopping 80% of the million jackpot was directed towards the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund. This unanticipated contribution is sure to make a significant impact on educational opportunities in the region.

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