Why Dollar General Might Ditch Self-Checkouts

retail chain contemplates ditching self-checkout kiosks in their stores due to mounting customer dissatisfaction.

Todd Vasos Advocates for Employee-Assisted Checkouts

Dollar General's CEO, Todd Vasos, underscored the value of employees assisting with the checkout procedure, as a response to customer's objections to self-checkouts. At present, self-checkouts represent approximately 55% of all transactions conducted at major retail establishments.

Customers Call for Cashier-Manned Checkouts

Despite the potential time-saving benefit of self-checkouts, a large number of customers are requesting a shift back to cashier-led lanes. This is a sharp contrast to the company's previous testing of self-checkout-only methods in selected stores. This initiative was intended to minimize labor expenses and expedite the checkout process.

Self-Checkout: A Secondary Option

Vasos now contends that self-checkout should act as an auxiliary choice, rather than being the primary method of checkout. This change intends to guard against inventory shrink, a concern that includes missing merchandise due to customer mistakes, theft, and fraudulent activities.

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The Self-Checkout Dilemma Among Retail Chains

Inventory shrink problems are not unique to Dollar General, other companies such as and have also grappled with similar concerns attributed partly to self-checkouts. Although faced with these challenges, some specialists remain confident in the staying power of self-checkouts, citing their logistical advantages and contribution to customer satisfaction.

Are Self-Checkouts Doomed?

Contrarily, other experts like Phil Lempert, fondly referred to as The Supermarket Guru, forecast an ominous fate for self-checkouts due to the requisite for additional measures or employee support.

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