“Shocking Truths About Wendy Williams’ Love Life And Health!”

Looking to learn more about the life of Wendy Williams, including her romantic and health challenges? Dive into this informative piece to get a deeper understanding.

Relationships of Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has been linked to several men over the years, including Bert Girigorie, Kevin Hunter, Mike Esterman, and Ray J.

Bert Girigorie

Meeting at a radio station in 1992, Wendy Williams and Bert Girigorie soon tied the knot in 1994. Unfortunately, their was short-lived and they divorced soon after. Girigorie hinted at alleged drug use by Wendy during their marriage in a 2019 interview.

Kevin Hunter

Williams met Kevin Hunter in 1994 at an ice skating rink. Their relationship progressed and they got married in 1999. Hunter, a television producer, worked on The Wendy Williams Show. They have a son together, Kevin Hunter Jr., born in 2000. However, their marriage ended in 2019 when Wendy filed for divorce after reports surfaced of Hunter fathering a child with another woman.

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Mike Esterman

Wendy met Mike Esterman on a dating segment of her talk show. Despite the unique way they met, the distance between them proved a challenge for the relationship.

Ray J

Noted for his early 2000s and his relationship with , Ray J is another man associated with Wendy. Interestingly, Wendy referred to him as her “little brother”.

Health Challenges

In addition to her bustling , Wendy has faced personal health challenges, including a diagnosis of Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism. She also struggles with lymphedema, which has led to swollen ankles.

In 2023, Wendy made the decision to leave New York and move to Florida to recuperate and be closer to her family. This decision was likely influenced by her health issues and a desire for a support system during this difficult time.

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