Shocking Transformation: Century-Old Building Turned Trendy Café

Mike Wolfe finds himself in the spotlight once more as his girlfriend, , reveals a personal moment on her platforms. The common denominator, a century-old edifice transforming into a trendy café.

Transformation of the century-old building

Leticia Cline has been consumed with the of a historic property, which she aims to turn into a café. The addition of around 20 doors and windows brings a modern touch to the old structure. The building's exterior is receiving a fresh coat of paint, sporting a charming red and white theme.

Cooperation between Leticia and Mike Wolfe

Despite the time-consuming endeavor impacting their personal time, Wolfe has been a steady pillar of support for Cline. His involvement in the project has been publically acknowledged and appreciated by Leticia.

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Past updates and future plans

This isn't Leticia's first update regarding the renovation of the Ace Coffee Café. Earlier in March, she shared a comprehensive 360 view of the café's interior, teasing potential customers with the sight of neatly arranged chairs, a coffee machine, and tastefully placed bookshelves and wall décor.

Exciting plans are in place for the grand opening of the café, slated for the end of March. The opening is set to include free giveaways and live , and the shop will transform into a bar in the evenings.

Leticia’s investment and offerings of the café

The building, which is morphing into the café, was purchased by Leticia in July 2021. She invested approximately ,000 in the commercial property. Apart from aromatic coffee, the café will also serve snack offerings such as bars and granola.

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