Is Kanye West Manipulating His New Wife Bianca Censori?

The world of celebrities is always in flux, with a constant carousel of news, controversies, and developments. A recent flashpoint of discussion centers on West and his new wife, .

Bianca Censori & Kanye West

Bianca Censori, the Australian model, tied the knot with Kanye West back in December 2022. Now, the spotlight on their union is growing brighter, thanks in part to their recent public appearances.

Changing Appearances

Recent public outings paint a picture of Censori dressed in progressively more revealing attire. This evolving style has sparked concern among observers, with some asserting that Bianca is being manipulated into these appearances.

Family Concerns

Reports reveal that Bianca's family, based in Australia, is distressed about the perceived changes. Previous reports pointed to Alexandra Censori, Bianca's mother, expressing her unease over her daughter's attire.

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Publicity or Manipulation?

PR specialists suggest that the couple's behavior may be a calculated move to set the internet ablaze with buzz. Kanye, some have argued, might be aping the tactics of his former wife, with a more extreme twist.

These tactics, however, have not been well-received by everyone. It is reported that they are distancing several brands with their actions.

Damage Control

After his recent anti-semitic remarks, industry insiders suggest Kanye could face a struggle to mend with these brands.

Family Dynamics

Adding to this, have surfaced of Alexandra attending a performance by Kanye's daughter, North West, accompanied by Bianca. This attendance, amid reports of family concern and distress, paints a complex picture of the family dynamics.

New Business Moves

Further adding to the intrigue, Kanye has been reported to offer Bianca increased stake and ownership in various projects. Some see this as a potential move to exert , reflecting a dramatic change in Bianca's appearance and behavior claimed by her family.

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